Weekend of Amy Mac

Amy came to visit/work last weekend here in San Francisco.  Funny thing that whenever she comes we do all the work in ONE day.  So basically she came for six days and worked for one.  Let me write it another way (deep breath)

We (amy) played where we shouldn’t

went to a “MOBILE” drive in

caught up with old friends

locked the keys in the car AND FISHED THEM BACK OUT!!  YAAA AMY’S SMALL HANDS!!

and as you know Amy fixed my dishwasher.

So it’s been a great weekend!  Had lots of fun with Amy pretending like we were working, but actually just hanging out and pretending like we are on vacation.  I can’t wait for her to come back again cause we always have so much fun together.  Although I think I’ll hold her off until I need her to fix something else.  Come to think of it my shower hasn’t been working the best lately…

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01. July 2009 by nik
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  1. although you paint a lovely holiday – that’s not quite how i remember it! yes, all the things above did happen and we did have a fabulous time! however, i also remember writing shows, planning the new show intro (during several meals and drinks), doing several shoots in several different lights/times of day, shooting 9 prerolls, 4 moves, 1.5 shows, a couple short photo shoots and then i did some stuff for Mevio! yes, most of it was done in a day or 2…but we tried to spread it out AND we had to work around my very demanding social schedule and you’re very demanding work schedule- i do remember you shooting an MJ intro for Mevio at 7pm on Friday night! nonetheless, it was a productive & entertaining weekend and i’m looking forward the next one! 😀

  2. Whatever… I was there

  3. Sounds like a brother/sister squabble! I would like to “stir the pot”. I agree with Nik and I wasn’t even there 🙂

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